Michael Jackson’s Thriller

 Michael Jackson’s Thriller
> Category: Album
> Total sales: 70 million units
> Parent company: Epic records

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is not only the best-selling album of all time, but is also credited with ushering in the MTV generation, bringing the moonwalk into mainstream culture, and giving Jackson the moniker “The King of Pop.” According to michaeljackson.com, a website run by Sony Music and owned by the Michael Jackson record label, 70 million copies of the album have been sold since its release in 1982, although various sources have estimated that as many as 110 million copies have been sold. The album featured hits: “Beat It” and “Billie Jean,” and “Thriller.” Perhaps what made the album most famous was the 14-minute long “Thriller” movie/music video. The Thriller album also sold 101,000 copies the week after Jackson’s death in 2009, and downloads of Jackson’s songs totaled 2.3 million.

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